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100% Love Movie Review

100% Love Movie Review:

Movie Rating: 3.5/5
Balu (Naga Chaitanya) is a brilliant student and always tops his class. Maha Lakshmi (Tamanna) is maradalu of Balu and she comes from village and stays in Balu’s house to do her graduation in the same college. Balu has the typical ego possessed by state rankers and he is obsessed by it. His studies get disturbed with the entry to Maha Lakshmi as she starts dominating him over a period of time. This leads to differences and ego clashes between Balu and Maha Lakshmi. There is also a subplot of two separated grand parents. The rest of the story is all about how Balu and Mahalakshmi realise that they are made for each other.

Artists Performance:

Naga Chaitanya: Naga Chaitanya who has done the role of an intense lover in YMC follows it up with a fun-filled character of Balu with a mental complex in 100% Love. He wore spectacles and a light beard and it suited the character very well. It is tailor-made character for him. His diction and accent is also changed in this film and it sounds little like that of Allu Arjun.

Tamanna: Tamanna looks fabulous in the movie. Her traditional hairdo in the beginning of the movie is not attractive, but she is gorgeous when she lets her hair loose in the latter part of the movie, She is an asset to the movie. Sukumar has shown bias towards heroine character in this movie as he etched her role as a magnanimous, understanding and empathising girl.

Others: KR Vijaya and Vijay Kumar did the role of grandparents. There are around 10 kids who entertain you will their mischief and innocence in the first half. Satyam Rajesh did a cameo and it is really good. MS Narayana did his second most preferred character (after drunkard) - college principal. Anand and Tara Alisha are good as beaus of lead pair. Naresh and Dharmavarapu Subramanyam are okay.

Technical departments:

Story - screenplay - direction: Looks like Sukumar is carrying his school-day memories all along. The entire writing for the first half of the movie is taken from the college life and is wrote in a realistic, yet entertaining way. Sukumar brought the family angle in the second half to bring all-roundness to the commercial aspect of the script. The basic conflict of this movie is driven by the complexity of the male lead. Heroine character that enters as a nobody into the life of hero starts getting mature, intelligent, magnanimous and sexy as the story progresses. Sukumar is in his elements with 100% Love movie. He has also toned down the eccentricity he has shown in Arya 2 hero characterization to make 100% Love hero character an universally acceptable one. There are a few redundant and dull moments in the second half, but he managed to get everything right in the scenes that followed. Sukumar’s creativity is wild, and it if it’s kept under permissible limits - he is going to do wonders. The only unconvincing part for me in the script is the separation of grandparents, which forms the central point of the movie. Screenplay penned by J Hari Prasad is good. I liked the way the story is narrated from point of view of hero in the first half and the point of view of heroine in the second half.

Other departments: Music by Devi Sri Prasad is superb. All songs are good. They are so good that I expected so much out of the picturization of the songs. The only song that completely satisfied my expectations is whistles-worth ‘diyyalo’. The second best is ‘Infatuation’ song followed by ‘A square’. Devi Sri Prasad has also excelled in the background score (the clucking sound of a hen/chicken used as bgm for chicken-eating episodes). Cinematography is decent. But there is no vibrancy in visuals. There could be a problem with lighting, photography, color-grading or visual effects (or the projection system in theater). This movie would have been really cool if the visuals are more vibrant (like Arya movie). Editing is fine. There is only one fight in the movie which is composed by Ram Lakshman. Pixelloid who are usually brilliant with their work should have taken more time in the visual effects as they look little patchy in the first song. The first time producer Bunny Vaas has done a neat job in assembling the best of the team to deliver a nice product. However, he should have invested more time/effort on the visuals output of the movie.

Analysis: I always have a feeling that movie quality/passion will be reflected in the title cards. And Sukumar never disappoints. The title cards of this movie are one of the best I had seen in Telugu films. First half of the movie is full of fun and frolic. Second half has family orientation and goes on a routine track. This movie is all about little nuances about psychology and fun. Plus points are Sukumar’s creative thinking and music. There are a few dull moments in the second half, but they are not going to disturb the flow of the movie. The negative shade in hero characterization might not appeal to a few. On a whole, 100% Love is a cool film with nice entertainment. Go and watch it 100%.

Trade talk: This movie is made on a budget of 10.5 crores. 40% of it is recovered through the sale of satellite and audio rights. Nizam, East and West territories are retained by the producer and the rest are sold at a reasonable prices. With it’s entertainment quotient and youth(1st half)/family(2nd half) orientation, 100% Love is likely to get profits to everybody involved in the supply chain (producer, distributor and exhibitor).

Bottom Line: 100% Hit

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Naga chaitanya 100% Love Movie LIVE updates!!

100%Love Updates From Dubai Premiere Show:

Movie Started with Unique Titles

Movie Started On A Positive Note, creative Title Sequence

Chaitu Entrance Very simple, Simple Yet The Same Time Very Confident.

Chaitu Introduces Himself n Starts The Story. Mood Sets Rite The begining. chaitu Looking Awesome

Aho Balu Song n Chaitu Shakes Steps Quite Easly with lot of Ease

Pilla Sainyam Scenes Theatre Mottam Navvulu,

Chaitu-Tamanna Chemistry Superb.

Tamana Looks Gorzious ,, Every Dilog N Scene Bring Laughs     

Tiru Song PhotoGraphy lively Too Good On Screen

Chkn Plays Key Role,, Teasing Started,, Bgm great ,,,Chey Action So Far Hilerous That is Maha Song, So Funny

Movie Turns Family oriented n Compromise For Their Problms

ANR Steps Chey Theater Mottam Whistles Then Kallu kallu song, kallu song lo oka Smile Ichadu Girls Fida Romance Strated

Custums looking Great Clashes Btw Lead Pair,


1st Half Report

songs visual feast story tho kalipi Untaye Songs 

chaitu costume super .

acting kums Chala improve Ayyadu Acting , tamana bagudi

pillala dilogs too Funny 

aho balu steps baga Vesadu

1st Half extraordinary 

2nd half Starts

family Sentiment

Rejoins but ego Stands 

Dharmavarapu enters Comedy flows,

2nd heroine enters

doram song Leading to engagement , jr nag in suit

chey nanamma reveals diff with her husband going for him ,

fight contins btw lead n superb fight follows DDLJ    

chaitu pancha lo manly ga unnadu n dance extraordinary.

ful live song screen meeda diyyalo diyyala 

A square song balu cheats ful laughs in theat

sharuk n kajol brings laughs tatayya enjoys their presence

tatayya bamma sent balu bsns in trbs mahalami plays here

andamekkada song inspiring n music simply superb

maha saves balu bsns 

Another extraordinary single hand performance by Chaitu leading to climax

tatayya brings happy ending 

movie over *SUBHAM*

100% Love Movie Release Today...!

                   Naga Chaitanya’s latest movie 100% Love has obtained a clean U certificate from the censor board. This film is all set to release Today 6th May. Bunny Vaas makes his debut as producer through Geeta Arts banner. Creative director Sukumar directed this movie. Tamanna plays female lead. 

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Badrinath Audio Release Date...!

Much awaited movie of the year, Allu Arjun's Badrinath audio will be released on 7th of May. MM Keeravani has composed tunes for this movie. Keeravani earlier worked for Bunny's Gangotri.

The movie is directed by VV Vinayak and produced by Allu Aravind under Geeta Arts movies banner. Tamanna is the female lead. Prakash raj, Kelly dorj, Brahmanandham, MS Narayana, Krishna Bhagwan, Kove sarla play other important roles.

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NTR Jr. invites CM Kiran for Wedding ...!

Mr.Perfect Movie Full Length Video Songs High Quality

A T M with Hero RANA about NNR

100% Love Movie Inside Info

100% Love gets clean U......!

                                       Naga Chaitanya’s latest movie 100% Love has obtained a clean U certificate from the censor board. This film is all set to release on 6 May. Bunny Vaas makes his debut as producer through Geeta Arts banner. Creative director Sukumar directed this movie. Tamanna plays female lead. Music scored by Devi Sri Prasad is a huge chartbuster.

Pawan Kalyan’s next film details to be announced on Monday...!

                                                                                                                                                                      After Teen Maar, Pawan Kalyan will begin shooting for Vishnuvardhan’s ‘Shadow’ from the second week of May onwards. Meanwhile, he had agreed to act in another film in the beginning of the year. This film is going to be directed by the person who gave one of the big hits this year. The latest scoop on the film is that, Pawan Kalyan is handing over the onus of production to another producer. Pawan Kalyan and this producer had earlier worked together for a film. More details about the film are expected to be revealed on Monday, when the new producer of the film addresses a press conference. Stay tuned for more details on this film.

Nenu Na Rakshasi Movie Review...........!

  Nenu Naa Rakshashi proves a vital point that a cinematic depiction of a serious issue may not give any solutions. In fact, the cinema in itself becomes a tool to depict what makes people to undergo several ups and downs in life. In a way, the question about why make a film out of it when it can’t offer a solution remains unanswered. How seriously can you take a film which leaves you with lot more questions about the issue it tries to address than required? Nenu Naa Rakshashi stars Rana Daggubati, Ileana D Cruz, Subbaraju, Abhimanyu Singh in lead roles. Directed by Puri Jagannath, the film is a love story between a sharp shooter and a girl with a dark past.
What’s it about : Rana stars as Abhimanyu, a sharp shooter who’s on a mission. He kills people based on an MMS which his mediatorsends him without asking any questions. Meanwhile, he bumps into a girl Meenakshi (Ileana) and falls in love with her. Elsewhere, the police department comes across a Youtube channel which has several videos of people committing suicides. The rest of the story is about what happens to the love story between Abhimanyu and Meenakshi and whether the police department successfully finds out who has been uploading the videos of suicide.
What is Good : The films opens with a bang as the main theme of the film is established right in the first sequence. Rana is introduced as a sharp shooter and thanks to some slick action choreography, he seemed pretty convincing in the role. However, the joy is short lived and things go haywire when he falls in love with Ileana. Meenakshi (Ileana) is reluctant to fall in love for her own reasons and remains pretty adamant on her decisions. Ileana’s role is too uni-dimensional to empathize with her; perhaps it would be apt to call her ‘Rakshashi’ for that reason alone. But then, that’s her characterization in the film and it would be rather silly to ask why she doesn’t try to even emote in her scenes.
Among others, Subbaraju and Abhimanyu Singh are the only two actors who make a big impression in the film. Subbaraju plays an upright police officer’s role who’s trying to crack the case about the mysterious youtube channel mastermind and Abhimanyu Singh plays a dreaded don who wants to avenge the murder of his father and brother. The child actress who’s Subbaraju’s daughter in the film is really good.
What is bad: Puri Jagannath carefully avoids discussing whether suicides are ethical or not. Since he doesn’t take sides, the film is more or less a cinematic version of pain and reasons why people commit suicide, thereby dramatically reducing the scope of the subject. After establishing the conflict and narrating most part of the story in the first half, the latter half of the film has way too less on the plate to serve the audience. A dialogue and at times the small conflicts between the leads are repeated at different locations. On the whole, the second half of the film drags a lot despite it being set in some spectacular locales across Venice. Rana has a long way to go when it comes to dancing and the actor and he looks a bit helpless in the latter half of the story where his characterization is poorly etched. The comedy track involving Ali and Mumaith Khan is lame. In the end, the major twist in the tale is revealed a tad too late and fails to make a solid impact.
Technical Departments : Puri Jagannath uses a lot of montage scenes in the first half of the film to narrate the story. Dialogues by Puri Jagannath are good; however the screenplay lacks the punch which used to be a trademark of the director. The action choreography is top notch. Music by Rahman and Vishwa is alright. Cinematography by Amol Rathod is very good and most part of the film is shot in absurd camera angles. Maybe that was required to showcase how tensed and confused are the characters or just to add another element of quirkiness to the action scenes. Puri Jagannath confines his storytelling to specific boundaries and that’s exactly what the problem with the film. There’s hardly anything which would make the people think about their own lives and despite setting the story in a backdrop on suicides, the film only manages to scratch the surface of the problem.
Bottomline : Suicide is one of the favourite themes of most amateur filmmakers. While most of them concentrate on loss of hope and frustration as two of the major reasons which drove the protagonist to suicide, Puri Jagannath goes a step further and creates an emotionless character that chooses to do nothing while watching a suicide right in front of the eyes. One of the major problems with Nenu Naa Rakshashi is that it runs out of steam mid-way and tries desperately hard to narrate the rest of the story. Thumbs down to the film. If only the characters weren’t so uni-dimensional, the film would have made some sense in the end.
P.S: There’s a possibility that Nenu Naa Rakshashi – II might be made in future. This would feature the ‘people’s reaction’ to the videos posted on YouTube channel on suicides. Just kidding!